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After spending a day outdoor, gathering with friends or family around a pot of bubbling cheese while sipping a glass of white wine, is the ultimate après ski. From Switzerland and the French Alps to Hokkaido, Cheese Fondue is a special treat for cheese lovers. 

And as the tradition says, if a guest loses his bread in the pot, he/she must buy drinks all around for the evening. Get ready for a fun and delicious evening!

Cheese Fondue Course   12,500pp

Your Cheese Fondue is locally made from three kinds of Hokkaido cheese (sourced from a cheese master who studied cheese-making in France and has won numerous prizes). For dipping, we offer roasted pork, sauted prawns, Hokkaido scallops, kunsei smoked potatoes, smoked tofu, vegetables selection, crusty bread and croutons. 

The Fondue will be followed by a Refreshing Composée Salad.

And finally dessert.

Whenever possible our vegetables come from local and/or organic farms in order to support the local economy and organic farmers.

Minimum order starts at 6 adults (or equivalent money amount).

Booking requires 3  days in advance. Due to weather conditions and the market situation, ingredients may change. 

10% service charge and 10% tax will be added to the bill.
For our cancellation policy, please see terms and conditions

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