Genghis Khan - Mongolian Barbecue

Considered the soul food of Hokkaido, Genghis Khan (or Jingisukan in Japanese) consists of lamb, mutton and vegetables grilled together. Traditionally cooked on a charcoal convex metal skillet, we more conveniently provide hot plates where the tender meat and vegetables will reach delicious sweetness. 

To satisfying best your taste buds, we offer you both lamb and mutton. Lamb, a leaner meat with a milder flavor, and tender marbling Mutton with its sweetly rich flavor, will bring memorable taste to your evening.

Genghis Khan Dinner 12,500 JPY pp

Our marinated and/or unseasoned meats and Market Vegetables (beansprouts, pumpkin, onion, cabbage, shiitake, bell pepper, carrot ribbons) are served sizzling hot and dipped in a Jingisukan sauce. Other condiments -Kimchi and Spicy Oil- will be available as well to add a fiery touch. 

A Chazuke will follow, where hot Hojicha Japanese tea is poured over purple rice and Jingisukan sauce. The amazing combination of sauce with the gravy flavor and rice, and hot tea, makes it a popular way to finish off the meal.

And finally desert to refresh your palate. 

Additional Items

Hokkaido Scallops 3,600 JPY/ 8 pieces

Marinated Tempeh 1,100 JPY / 200g

Whenever possible our vegetables come from local and/or organic farms in order to support the local economy and organic farmers.

Minimum order starts at 6 adults (or equivalent money amount).

Booking requires 3  days in advance.

10% service charge and 10% tax will be added to the bill.
For our cancellation policy, please see terms and conditions. Due to weather conditions and the market situation, ingredients may change. 

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