The Japanese specialize in raising the ordinary to art, whether in making tea, writing characters or… making soba. Soba making is a very personal art, with infinite variables. The making of this humble noodle hides many precise steps to follow, in order to achieve the perfect square soba of the soba master. Making soba by hand could be described as a dance, with an intimate relationship between the maker, the ingredients and the tools. 

So why not trying your hands at it? Your host will demonstrate the art of making these Japanese buckwheat noodles in your accommodation and bring their expertise and passion to your dining.  

Soba Making Demonstration with Hokkaido Duck Nabe Dinner   13,500 JPY pp

(Freshly Made Soba and Hokkaido Duck Nabe Dinner only, without the Soba Demonstration 12,000 JPY pp)

Kids (10yrs and under) 3,500 JPY pp

The soba making equipment will be brought to your accommodation together with the soba dough, whose soba flour has been freshly ground on the morning of your catering in a stone mill. We will do a soba making demonstration in which the guests may also try making it themselves. 

This will be followed by a traditional “Kamo Nabe”, a hot pot of duck meat from Takikawa, in-house meatballs, winter vegetables, sticky rice mochi poaches, and freshly made soba noodles with dashi broth full of umami.

Dessert and tea will be served at the end.


Kindly let us know if you are allergic to buckwheat. Udon noodles can be arranged for those with a buckwheat allergy.

Whenever possible our vegetables come from local and/or organic farms in order to support the local economy and organic farmers.

Minimum order starts at 6 adults (or equivalent money amount).

Booking requires 3  days in advance.

10% service charge and 10% tax will be added to the bill.
For our cancellation policy, please see terms and conditions. Due to weather conditions and the market situation, ingredients may change. 

Make an inquiry with the contact form today. 



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